What Is Cricket?


What is Cricket? It is the first world cricket game. It is played by teams of eleven against each other and is played in the United Kingdom.

Cricket is simply a ball-and-stick game played between teams of eleven on a flat field at the center of which is an 18-yard long pitch with one or more wickets in each end. The players wear white clothes and the match is usually played for only two hours, in matches lasting three hours and ten minutes. This can be shortened to two hours if there is more than eleven players. The match is played with seven players batting each with one ball.

There are several tournaments in a year that the tournament winners usually participate in. The championship season consists of three rounds in which the top two teams from each round advance to the next to play a final. A team wins when it wins all of its matches. In matches with more than eleven players the team who has the most wickets is declared the winner. The player who is leading the match has the option to accept or decline an invitation to bat, and then bowl the match winning ball.

There are many variations of the game, and many different players are involved. Some of the notable players are Brian Lara, Imran Khan, Brian Lara, MS Dhoni, Jacques Kallis, Sourav Ganguly and Tillakaratne Dilshan. The most famous of all are Kumar Sangakarra, Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli.

Before the beginning of the match, each player is required to take care of his own batting order. After that, he must find out the number of wickets required for that player. A bowler may have to bowl two overs for a batsman and three overs for a fielding player. The batsmen then have to bowl their overs and the fielding player has to be prepared for three overs. At the end of the innings, the batsmen take turns to bowl the extra overs, which is followed by a break for drinks.

The main part of the game is the fielding, as it involves the use of skills such as fielding, catching, blocking, running and bowling. While on fielders, the player needs to be able to protect the wicket from being stolen by the opponent and from being hit by balls hitting the bat or ball on the ground. It also requires that they avoid being hit by balls that are thrown into the pitch or any part of the field. Bowling is also necessary to prevent the other team from scoring quick runs. During their breaks, fielding players must keep an eye on the other team and prevent them from bowling over the fence or hitting any boundary.

Batting is very important and if the batsmen hit the ball, the batsman became the first person to score. If they don't get out, the team is out. Batting is important to win a match; in some cases a batsman may have to hit an over twice before they win. In the event of a team not winning, if a batsman scores two runs in a match, the match is over. A match is won when the team makes more runs in fewer balls than the opposing team in fewer overs than the other team in order to take more wickets and win.

A match usually has four days, but the longest match has been known to have is nine days. Many matches are recorded to show the history and progress of the game. When a match is not a Test match, it can be referred to as a series and can be played in either one-day or five-day matches.

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