Youtube Music Press Service "streaming" like Spotify

Youtube Music Press Service "streaming" like Spotify

YouTube officially launched the music service application streaming, youtube music, simultaneously in seven countries in Asia, including in Indonesia today (6/11). Not only in the form of applications, Youtube Music can also be enjoyed by a Web reader.

Mother subsidiary of Google said YouTube Music offers thousands of songs and official albums of famous singers in the world and Indonesia free with advertising support.

"Our Youtube Music is made to help many people find the music they love and offers a listening experience of the richest music for music lovers in Indonesia," Product Manager of YouTube Music Brandon Bilinski at a video conference at Google Indonesia office in Jakarta Tuesday (11/5).

"Our services ranging from music video recommendations, performances, cover songs videos on YouTube are music," he said again.

Bilinski said some users might be a little disturbed by the ads on Youtube Music, so they offered a paid option on Youtube Music Premium.

Later, users will be charged Rp. 49,000 per month with no advertising.

"Youtube Music Premium is a paid subscription option that can allow users to play songs and videos in the background, so they can still listen to music while accessing other applications. This service provides a function of downloading and offline music listening experience without advertising, "Bilinski said.

The company, headquartered in Mountain View, California, also offers special packages and know Youtube Music Youtube Family Package Family Package Premium, where users can add up to six accounts. Package price from IDR 75 thousand per month.

YouTube Music is said automatically installed on devices that already use Android 10. This service will also be automatically installed on devices that still use Android 9 Pie.

Google's strategy to directly install music on Youtube user devices was seen as a step to win a fierce competition in the streaming music service. Youtube Music launched in November 2015 and Google Play Music launched in 2011. Since then, Google will use two different music services.

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