Tight Fighting 6G network, China in Finland

Tight Fighting 6G network, China in Finland

The implementation of 5G connectivity has not been fully adopted. Currently, only South Korea and China officially take 5G. While previously the US had been predicted to become the first country to adopt the network.

At present, we know that at least four countries have started conducting studies on the development of 6G wireless networks, namely South Korea, China, Finland and the United States.

Although not yet implemented 5G, President Donald Trump by a tweet on his personal Twitter account said he immediately implement the network 5G and 6G same.

"I want 5G and 6G even be immediately implemented in the United States. US companies need to improve their performance so that they are not left behind, "Trump said @realDonaldTrump February 21.

The Verge journalist had asked for comments to representatives of the wireless communications industry in the United States (CTIA) on the tweet Trump. However, the CTIA has not provided a definitive answer.

"Government support has greatly influenced the wireless industry to be able to put the 5G network immediately in America," he said.

As for South Korea, one of the ginseng research institutes, June 12 signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Oulu in Finland.

The signing was conducted to conduct a joint study related to 6G network. Reported by the new South Korean portal, cooperation between the two countries took place when the Moon Jae President visited Finland.

"South Korea is the first country in the world to commercialize 5G cellular and Finland is at the forefront of research 6G," said Moon. In the agreement, it was revealed that the University of Oulu Finland would pour in funds of about 30 billion won or US $ 25.4 million to take a 6G project.

Meanwhile, one of the telecom operators in South Korea, SK Telecom has partnered with two mobile providers, Nokia and Ericsson, to conduct research and development of 6G wireless networks.

SK Telecom will make a series of requirements for the construction and Authenticate technology 6G wireless network.

In addition to Ericsson and Nokia, Samsung said it would conduct research 6G network. To support this effort, the South Korean company has expanded its telecommunications research team and formed a group called Advanced Research Center with offices in Seoul, South Korea.

Today (8/11), the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology said it would start a study for the development of connectivity 6G forming two working groups. Reported by CNBC, a group will be composed of members of government who are responsible for promoting the way research and development 6G will be made.

While other team members are research institutions, private companies and 37 universities whose task is to explain the technical aspect of 6G and compile recommendations. "The 6G technology is still at an early stage, the technicality is still unclear and even the frequency normalization scenario has not been established," said Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Wang Xi.

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