The dangers so often "voluntary" mobile number

The dangers so often "voluntary" mobile number

If you intend to change your mobile number or voluntarily leave the number used until the period expires grace or expires, you must be careful. Make sure that the mobile phone number is no longer relevant to your bank, email or social media accounts. Do not let your hacked email accounts divided into, and credit cards misused by irresponsible parties.

The reason is that traders often sell the numbers that are no longer active to other users. Practical mobile telephone numbers Recycling is a common thing for operators to make. So there will be a risk of misuse of email, social media accounts or bank accounts, which are connected to the mobile phone number.

This was accepted by the president of CISSReC Pratama Persadha Cybersecurity and Communication Research Institute. He said the practice of cell phone numbers "change" is common but did those who practice this risk losing their personal digital assets. Because when the numbers are confiscated and used by new users, the potential for abuse is large enough.

"When the number is then lost the new user is used to record or verify the services that have also been used by the previous user. This is probably used by new users to purchase digital assets, "said Pratama contacted by Friday (8/11).

Therefore, there are some things you should be aware of when deciding not to use certain cell phone numbers.

1. Email can be held hostage

currently popular email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo always ask users to include their mobile phone number when creating an email account.

This mobile phone number is often used by email providers to complete the process of two-factor authentication, if a user forgets their password. Code OTP (one time password) sent by SMS is a form of authentication.

"After the personal property such as email can be supported, we can know the history of incoming e-mail," said Pratama.

This is very important. With the old number, other people can create new keywords to enter the email of the victim. He can ask the email service provider to send a password renewal link via the mobile phone number it holds.

2. Social media accounts change hands

social media accounts can also change the control. The way is similar to the two-factor authentication as the break in an email.

3. Financial accounts are at risk of being drained

Financial accounts such as credit cards, digital wallets, the market accounts, and other financial accounts are attached to the edge of danger.

Since these accounts often use the telephone and protect their user accounts. Again using the authentication method to two factors.

How to change in all cell phone numbers security

For this, you must consider the following things when you change your mobile phone number or decide to leave some burning issue because you do not want to use this number.

1. Make sure the mobile number is no longer used as code verification number OTP

Observer of cybersecurity Alfons Tanujaya suggested that users change the number used for two factor authentication or two-factor authentication.

"If you want to change hands or change the number, you must ensure that all numbers TFA [two-factor authentication] have been modified. Do this by contacting the credit card provider and the bank where the account is opened, "Alfons said.

Also Alfons said, referring to the case, cellular operators will be "hands-off" because they are only the network providers.

Unless, when a card is found to be falsified, the operator can be held responsible.

2. Make sure the mobile number is no longer connected to an application

The President of CISSReC Pratama Persadha Cybersecurity and Communication Research Institute urges the public to ensure that their old numbers are not connected to accounts on a number of digital platforms such as social media, email, banking, e-commerce and others.

"When changing numbers, it is best to consider the pros and cons and be careful. Make sure the number to replace is not connected to other services such as social media, email, bank accounts, e-commerce, etc. ," he said.

"In other words, verification or authentication of these services is directed to a new number," concluded Pratama.

3. Make sure the phone number is not connected to the bank and the service FinTech

GM External Communication Telkomsel Aldin Hasyim also suggested that users' phone numbers are no longer connected to bank accounts or services providers such as FINTECH Ovo GoPay, LinkAja or Dana.

He also advised users to stop the service when changing phone numbers.

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