Ministry of Communication and Information: Territorially, the backup data does not have to be in Indonesia

Ministry of Communication and Information: Territorially, the backup data does not have to be in Indonesia

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) founded on the ITE Law Number 11 Year 2008 Article 2, which states that the information and electronic transactions can be inter-territorial nature or universal.

That is, the data storage can be placed outside the Indonesian territory as stated in the government regulation on the implementation of the system and Electronic Business (EOPS) Number 71 Year 2019 Article 21.

"It was explained the mandate of the law [ITE Law Number 11 Year 2008 Section 2], whose name is unlimited in Indonesia because it is the digital age that we are always connected with everyone, he n ' there are no limits, "said Chief iT applications Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan the media team after the CEO Forum 100 Kompas in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/11).

Semuel said again, to protect citizens' private data stored outside the territory of Indonesia, article 21 EOPS PP will be replaced with the revision of the Law on the Protection of personal data is still being developed by the Ministry of Communication and information and other departments.

"Then, later, he will be assisted back to the PDP law. So whenever Indonesian personal data is located, PSE [the electronic organizer] should follow other laws, "he said.

Previously, members of the House of Representatives Commission I Sukamta were confused as to why the private data contained in Article 21 PP EOPS should be placed outside the Indonesian territory.

Because according to him the ratification of this rule is contrary to the speech delivered by President Joko Widodo before Independence Day August 16, 2019.

In his speech on August 16 and the inauguration of the Palapa Ring last October, Jokowi specifically addressed personal data.

According to him, the data is a product or a new kind of wealth or of the new oil "and must be maintained to its sovereignty.

"He even said that the data of the population of Indonesia is not only strategic government data, including consumption data, data on the lifestyle of the Indonesian people should not fall into foreign hands" Sukamta said at a meeting with the Ministry of Communications and Audience information to Parliament, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/11).

According Sukamta in Jokowi speech stressed that no more data that was not strategic for the Indonesian people. critical data, high and low risk for Jokowi is important to maintain data sovereignty of Indonesia.

Although non-critical data can be invested abroad. This contradiction, according Sukamta, can pollute the image of the president.

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