How to detect cellphones that have spyware

How to detect cellphones that have spyware

Mobile security technology is now sophisticated enough and qualified. But everyone still has the potential of being spied on by others. Spyware or spyware commonly known can be easily installed without the knowledge of the owner of the cell phone.

There is some time, Facebook has sued the NSO Group for abusing so-called spyware Pegasus to hack mobile phones with "1400 people through phone calls WhatsApp. The spyware attack would target a number of journalists, lawyers, activists of human rights and politicians.

There are a number of signs that can be suspected when spyware is installed on your mobile phone.

Often receives unclear messages

Malware requires physical access to install on the mobile phone. In general, hackers send suspicious messages to the link by SMS, social media, email. Whenever possible, do not open the link and delete it immediately.

Abnormal use of data

If suddenly your Internet usage data exceeds the reasonable rates, it can be installed spyware on your cell phone. Spyware will collect and send mobile data. However, this condition only occurs with low quality spyware. While these high quality tend to use less data and go unnoticed.

A clumsy voice while calling

Strange noises during telephone calls will be generally understood that the mobile phone is monitored. For example, like clicks or sounds that interfere with calls.

Batteries often fall quickly and the heat, even when not in use

This condition must also be aware of, especially if you use a cell phone relatively new. Spyware works by collecting data from cell phones so that the cell phone battery will become useless.

If these signs occur, you need to take further action to check if your cell phone is infected with malware.

If your mobile phone is Android

This method does not actually guarantee that the malware or spyware installed appear. But there is no harm if done.

To do this, open Settings -> Applications -> Menu -> Special Access-> install unknown applications.

If the names of unknown applications and suspicious appear, it helps you to find the explanation of the Internet application before you decide to remove it or not.

If your phone is iOS:

IOS devices are actually very difficult to target with malware, unless they have been jailbroken before.

There is an application called MSPY is legal and available on the AppStore and can run on phones that are not jailbroken. This application is for parents to monitor the use of devices to their children.

All you need to use the application's access to your iCloud account. So, in a way that can be done to remove access by changing your iCloud password.

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