Facebook and friends are given a time of year list in RI

Facebook and friends are given a time of year list in RI

The Ministry of communication technologies and information (Kemenkominfo) provides a number of digital media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google to record a year as computerized provider (ESP).

The one-year period began with the adoption of government regulation on the implementation of electronic transactions and systems (EOPS PP) Number 71 Year 2019 on October 10, 2019. That is, the recording lasted until at October 10, 2020.

"Facebook, WhatsApp never recorded, so with PP EOPS they must register.

We will give a year of 10 October 2019, "Chief IT applications Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan said team media after the event CEO Forum 100 Kompas in Jakarta, Tuesday (5) / 11).

In addition, Semuel said that if a digital platform that wanted to do business in Indonesia has not registered as PES, their services could be threatened inaccessible.

"If they do not want to save, their services are not accessible because we gave them a year to register," he said.

Later, providers of digital platforms that have been registered with the Ministry of Communication and information are required to pay taxes. Semuel reiterated, if they do not pay tax when their services will be closed.

On another occasion, Semuel said the existence of the government regulation (PP) number 71 of 2019 regarding the implementation of electronic transactions and systems (EOPS) to increase the application of the law when requiring stored data outside the Indonesian territory.

"The important thing is that monitoring and enforcement are granted access when they need data. They are required to provide postsecondary education. If I do not, I lock it and take action in Indonesia. I block because I follow the law in Indonesia, "Semuel said in a discussion on the West Merdeka Forum (CGF) 9, Monday (4/11) yesterday.

In addition, electronic systems suppliers (PES) are also threatened with fines if they provide negative content to run on their platforms.

According to the Ministry of communication and information that the fine is in the order of RP100 RP500 million million found negative content.

If referring to the ITE law, the content is forbidden is associated with immorality, false news, contains SARA. Related to the application of the law, Semuel said his party would conduct patrols and receive complaints from the government.

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