Datsun answers Cross Not to dealers

Datsun answers Cross Not to dealers

Selling Datsun Cross was "on the edge" after not send a unit to the dealer for 2019. September 1 month earlier, the distribution of the Cross from the factory to the dealer was only 223 units.

Head of Communications, Nissan Motor Indonesia Maharani Hana explained that the conditions were pretty sad the cross from the data of the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) due to the adjustment of market demand .

The NMI says consumer demand for Cross continues to shrink. But with these conditions, the Cross will not be "injected to death."

"We review the production plan according to customer demand and market trends," said Hana text message Tuesday (11/5).

According to Hana, Nissan's plant is located in the Karawang district, West Java will focus on the production of two models of affordable cars with low cost Green Car (LCGC), namely GB and Datsun Go +.

"Right now, our production priorities are Datsun GO and GO +," said Hana.

The first Datsun Cross was launched in January 2018, but the distribution of the first step to a new concessionaire was made a month later.

The car of the Cross family was decided not to be LCGC, but entered the compact crossover segment with prices from Rp.163 million at launch.

Car sales have exploded in thousand units in March last year, but continued to fall at hundreds of units, tens units, even more than 10 units sold per month. In November 2018 Cross also recorded no wholesale.

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