Gardening becomes a "medicine" to reduce anxiety and stress to depression

Gardening becomes a "medicine" to reduce anxiety and stress to depression

When a visit to the doctor is the same as a prescription, this is not the case if you consult a doctor in Manchester, England. Almost all British doctors now "prescribe" gardening therapy to patients with anxiety disorders, loneliness or depression.

Interestingly, this therapy can not only be done by those who have large land at home. 

Instead, the treatment launched by Cornbook Medical Practice is for patients who live in apartments without access to gardens or greenery.

"Exclusive" residences such as apartments, hardship and job requirements, as well as fewer qualified friends, are seen as the cause of more and more people with anxiety disorders, loneliness or depression.

Living plants are considered capable of restoring mental health. This advice was obtained after the team of doctors asked patients to buy live plants such as herbs, herbs or ornamentals in pots.

"The plants we supply are herbs such as lemon balm and cat mint, all of which require attention." 

Careful treatment has many benefits, especially for those who do not have access to the garden or can not afford it. not have pets, "said Cornbook Medical Practice. Secretary Augusta Ward, quoted in Metro.

Ward said, taking care of plants can not only motivate a person to have activities, but also calm the mind and heart. In the long term, the pleasure of gardening has the potential to make friends through community activities.

"I see our patients relaxing with plants, and then they also participate in larger community events," said one of the doctors, Philippa James.

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