Apple will limit access to the features of the WhatsApp and Messenger phone

Apple will limit access to the features of the WhatsApp and Messenger phone

According to rumors, Apple would limit voice and video calling functions over an Internet connection to several Facebook applications, including Messenger and WhatsApp. These changes will be implemented by Apple via the mobile operating system (iOS) created.

The report published by The Information and reported by Reuters indicated that the feature was collecting user data.

Apple will limit access to back-end applications when users make video and voice calls while connected to the Internet.

Apple's decision is to force social media giants to rethink their applications. WhatsApp should be the party most affected by the use of voice and video calling features.

Since the emergence of the 87 million cases of Facebook user data leak involving Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg's company has never gone unnoticed. Later, the services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were paralyzed several times for no reason.

On several occasions, Zuck has often rejected allegations if his service takes precedence over the security and confidentiality aspects of user data.

When he founded Facebook, Chris Hughes, a colleague of Zuck, advised his former roommate to separate the company for allegedly committing a monopoly act.

Instead of separating the three companies, a spokesman for Facebook revealed a few days ago its intention to change the names Instagram and WhatsApp to clarify the property. The names "WhatsApp Facebook" and "Instagram Facebook" should replace the official names of WhatsApp and Instagram.

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